Excellence in equine agistment

Linda and Jes

As a born and bred horse person, Linda lives and breathes the seasons on Russell Pocket Lodge, from the stress and exhilaration of selecting the sires and breeding the mares to the sheer joy of producing some wonderful youngsters.

As the life work of a family, this business aims to produce the best quality horses available in Australia that have been carefully produced and given every opportunity to be super successful.

The agistment side of Russell Pocket Lodge is also a high priority, serving the performance horse sector and racing industry by providing the best facility and care available which gives peace of mind to our residents' owners.
Every horse on the property is treated like one of our own and it is a great joy to Linda and her team to see horses thrive in our care and the pleasure on the owner's face when they collect their horse and they look healthy, happy and in top condition.

Linda aims to breed a young horse that will be a joy for anyone to ride, sound and sane for international hopefuls to riders wanting to share the dream.
Whether you are looking for a young horse for dressage, a performance pony for your child or to be a pony dressage sensation or the best agistment available for your equine partner, please call us.

For enquiries and bookings please phone 0428 856 603
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